The One Smith, fronted by Eric Schmider, is an alt-folk-rock band from Jamaica Plain, MA influenced by golden era pop: a hint of  Neil Diamond, an air of John Lennon, a touch of TRex, a brush of Eno’s ambiance, and some sarcasm à la the Dandy Warhols. Melodically heavy music shoulders plain-spoken and mostly autobiographical lyrics.

Short Story

The One Smith puts Eric’s old band, Mollycoddle to bed. That earlier group was a cocoon for The One Smith, as the story is about Schmider’s emergence into a mature songwriter.  The tale is one of music, cars, love, and personal refinement.

Eric Schmider picked up a guitar when he was five years old and a spanner at age ten. Mix Beatles, jazz, and folk with vintage Camaros and Jaguars, and you get a motor-head musician racing from garage to garage-band across New Mexico’s endless roads.

Eric left his job restoring cars and moved to Boston for music.  He joined the folk circuit, quickly rising in the ranks, and then drove into the rock scene where he got a taste for touring. Over the years, Eric has fronted power pop bands, directed musical theater, and played guitar-sideman in country groups.

Eric formed Mollycoddle in 2004 and  released “Beautiful Californian Failure”, a record about optimistic love eclipsing the sad truth that promises can be broken. With The One Smith, Eric rediscovers the joy of making music for himself instead of for an audience. Damned be the jets and bugs.




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Eric Schmider - Vocals/guitar
Jefferson Davis - Drums/vocals
Aaron Gelb - Bass Clarinet/Sax
Nigel Taylor - Trumpet
Joe Klompus - Bass (Kay Hanley, Tracy Bonham, Rivers Cuomo, and Jack Drag)
Dave Aaronoff - Keys/vocals (The Shods and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones)


Mollycoddle - Beautiful Californian Failure (Available on iTunes)

The One Smith - Just Because EP - release date 3/27/10


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The One Smith has built a new EP, “Just Because”. Please take a moment to listen to the tracks. Listing info is at the bottom of the page. Radio play will generate lots of love!


Saturday, March 27th

Lizard Lounge


Forest Fires


Naked on Roller Skates

VINYL LP DUE OUT  - if there is oil left

the one sheet

Download this one sheet: pdf  or jpg